- Oxidises ETHALINE, fruits ripening gas.
       - Extends Fruit life in import export storage facilities.
       - Does not age or burn the fruit
       - increased retail shelf life of fruits, vegetables and flowers
       - contributes to improved fresh produce quality
       - Reduced wastage of fresh produce.
       - Stops the growth of mold and fungus.





         When Activated Oxygen (O2 + O) comes into contact with virus or bacteria, it destroys the cell wall, invades and breaks the nutrient supply.  This action starves the virus, causing it to die instantly, (within seconds) and what is left is purely oxygen (O2).
         Odours are molecules having high electron density.  The three atoms of Activated Oxygen (O3) absorb the odour bearing molecules by oxidisation and convert to oxygen (O2), thus removes all unwanted smells.
         The result of this activity enriches the indoor air we breathe with enhanced purity that is free from bacteria and virus.



High Low Voltage



In the Air & Water plus Surfaces.
Airpure generators produce activated OXYGEN, which simply oxidises the problem. No chemicals, filters or sprays



Corona discharge OZONE.

Splits ALL gases including
Nitrogen by electrical charge

Photosynthesis Ozone

splits ALL gases including carbon monoxide and cause the USA to announce the daily Ozone rates as a health hazard.



   Light generated Ozone
Ark welding,UV and Photocopiers.
Split nitrogen atoms





- Kills Bacteria and Virus contaminants
- Extinguishes most Airborne infections
- Destroys Chemical, Organic and Carbon Odors
- Eradicates mould and fungal spores
-(Volatile Organic Compounds)
- sick building syndrome.
- Removes insects:dust mites, fleas, and cockroaches
- Increase the shelf life of Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers(destroys Ethylene, bacteria and fungus)
Eliminates single cell bacteria on Meat and Fish produce



  • Effective on surfaces
  • Active in hidden areas
  • Deters Airborne Infection



CHEMICALS Work well on initial application but may not give long term protection.
Difficult to administer to entire area
Rarely administered to hidden areas
Can have hazardous storage risks

AIR FILTERS Work well in the environment, but have no effect on surface contamination.
Depend on air turnover and room size
Enhanced by Activated Oxygen
UV Germicidal lamps. Only destroy pathogens which the light can see.
Are not effective in hidden areas.
Can be dangerous to the eyes.





   AIRPURE Systems have environmental benefits and are used in Hospitals, Dr.Surgeries, Schools,Aged Care Facilities, Hotels, Offices, Restaurants, Food Preparation Areas, Sports Centres, Animal Husbandry, Cooling Towers Fruit Storage.





  - Kills Bacteria and Virus EVEN IN HIDDEN AREAS
  - Extinguishes most Airborne Germs
  - Destroys Chemical, Organic and Carbon Odours
  - (Volatile Organic Compounds).
Sick Building Syndrome
  - Eradicates contaminants including mould and fungal spores
  - Destroys Ethylene WITHOUT DAMAGE TO FRUIT
Reduces insect proliferation POISON FREE





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- Curtin University of Technology
- Murdoch University
- University of WA
- Pro Micro Pty Ltd Industrial
- Micro Serve
- Australian Environmental Laboratories
- Banana Growers Assoc of QLD
- Fresh fish stores and wholesalers  Association.
- Dept. Agriculture Western Australia
- Singapore Airlines and Qantas







CONTROL SAMPLE - No Activated Oxygen 16,500 CFU/gram
TEST SAMPLE - 0.05 ppm Activated Oxygen 2,500 CFY\U/gram
NB Reduction occurring due to desiccation effect
Activated Oxygen improves the destruction 7 x in the same period





CONTROL SAMPLE - No Activated Oxygen 11,200 CFU/gram
TEST SAMPLE - 0.05 ppm Activated Oxygen 4,200 CFU/gram
NB The control shows the drying and life
shortening effect of Activated Oxygen.








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