Lightning Protection International Pty Ltd (LPI) is a fully owned Australian manufacturer and supplier of direct strike lightning, surge and transient protection equipment and grounding products to a wide range of industries throughtout the world.
         LPI personnel and their associates have combined experience of over 70 years in servicing cutomers throughtout the world on many types of projects in some of its most lightning prone areas. Our personnel have vast experience in providing direct strike area protection, surge and transient protection and grounding solutions.  Our extensive experience has involved risk management, system design, training, certification and installation and commissioning in key industry groups such as:
         Telecommunications and Broadcasting
         Petrochemical, oil and gas
         Highrise buildings and hotels - all types of structures
         Sporting centres and grounds - Golf courses, race
         tracks, stadiums
         Aviation - Civil and Military
         Mining - coal, gold, nickel, iron, copper,bauxite etc.
         Industrial facilities of all kinds
         Defence - communications, surveillance and storage
         of armaments
         Power generation and distribution
         Rail / transport systems
         Monuments / Ecological sites





     Lightning Protection  International Pty Ltd forms “Partnerships” with out customers to provide complete lightning, surge and grounding solutions. Our core competence is the ability to con- sistently deliver superior performance, quality and value to customers in a broad range of market segments.
     LPI’s Endorsement confirms our assurance of a long-term partnership with our customers products offered by LPI come with the quality endorse- ment and compliance with Interna- tional standards and bodies wherever possible.







         LPI offers a family of air terminals and accessories.  Our product design is based on the most recent advances in the field whilst maintaining proven principles associated with the successes of the past.
         LPI’s Guardian™ System 5 provides a purpose- designed package for direct lightning protection.
         1. A Family of LPI CAT (Controlled Advanced Trigge-
         ring) series air terminals.
         2. A Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) mast which
               provides an insulated mast for mounting of LPI CAT
            series air terminals.
         3. A purpose designed LPI High Voltage Shielded
               Cable (HVSC) specifically designed for the conve-
               ying of lightning energy to ground.  Alternatively,
               depending on the local codes and applications,
               other materials such as, Copper flat tape or
               stranded cable may be used.
         4. LPI Lightning Strike Recorder (LSR) which confirms
               system efficiency and effectiveness.
         5. A grounding system consisting of Earth rods,
               clamps, Copper tapes and LPI Ground Resistance
               Improvement Powder (GRIP).





         The LPI Guardian™ System 5 provides a safe and efficient system for the protection of your facility from direct lightning strikes.  The LPI CAT terminal attracts the lightning energy to a preferred point and the energy is transferred to ground via the High Voltage Shielded Cable with minimal risk of electrifying the structure. Once the energy enters the dedicated lightning earth, it is safely dissipated without risk to personnel and equipment.





         LPI’s Guardian™ CAT series terminals consist of
     A finial with a blunt tip.
     An electrically “floating” medium consisting of 4
         electrically isolated panels.
     A triggering procedure which allows the initiation of
         an intercepting streamer of energy earlier than any
         other competing feature within the area requiring
     A high voltage connection at the base of the finial.





         Lightning initiates from an electrical storm which usually generates within a cumulonimbus cloud.
         When electrical energy has built up within such a cloud a “leader” of energy leaves it and will try to attach itself to a point on the ground which contains the most particles of energy of reverse polarity.
         Some 90% of such “leaders” contain negative charges.
         It has long been the endeavour of lightning protection specialists such as LPI to create a preferred point of attachment as offered by the LPI Guadian™ terminal and in more recent times, to do so effectively so that large areas of protection can therefore be provided from a single lightning terminal.



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